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Ladram Bay Devon England

DescriptionPicturesque bay with impressive red-coloured sea-stacks.
What to ShootShoot the sea-stacks at either end of the bay. The one at the West end is arguably the more impressive and has a more pleasing shape.
What to TakeTake a tripod and some ND filters as this location really lends itself to long exposures.
ParkingPark in the carpark at the mobile home holiday park.
Best TimesYou will get good results here at sunrise and sunset - especially if there is an interesting sky. You need to be there around 2 hours either side of high tide to get a good shot at the Western end of the bay. The Eastern end of the bay can be shot at any time really.
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Well known artists working at this location

Photographer Website
Adam Burton www.adam-burton.co.uk
Mark Voce www.markvoce.com
Mark Setchell www.thesetchells.com
Colin Homes www.longexposuretechniques.com

Sunrise and Sunset times for next 12 months

Date Sunrise (Bearing) Sunset (Bearing)
14-Jun-2017 04:00 (49°) 20:27 (311°)
14-Jul-2017 04:17 (52°) 20:21 (308°)
14-Aug-2017 05:00 (65°) 19:35 (294°)
14-Sep-2017 05:48 (83°) 18:30 (276°)
14-Oct-2017 06:35 (102°) 17:23 (258°)
14-Nov-2017 07:27 (119°) 16:28 (241°)
14-Dec-2017 08:08 (128°) 16:08 (232°)
14-Jan-2018 08:09 (125°) 16:35 (236°)
14-Feb-2018 07:27 (110°) 17:28 (250°)
14-Mar-2018 06:29 (93°) 18:15 (267°)
14-Apr-2018 05:21 (74°) 19:06 (286°)
14-May-2018 04:26 (58°) 19:53 (302°)

N.B. Times are shown in GMT/UTC, so sunrise & sunset will be an hour later during British Summer Time (late March to late October).

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Further information about this location

Name Website
Ladram Bay (Wikipedia) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladram_Bay

Accommodation and Refreshment

Name Type Distance (miles) Website Phone

Canterbury House

Salcombe Rd


EX10 8PR

BnB 2.6 www.canterbury-house.com +44 1395 513373

Berwick House

Salcombe Road


EX10 8PX

BnB 2.5 www.berwick-house.co.uk +44 1395 513621

Please mention the Tripod Holes website when contacting the establishments above.

Nearby Locations

Sidmouth (2.4 miles)

N.B. Distances are shown as the crow flies - it will be further by road.


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